Tech Tip | Handle your pet’s paws, ears and mouth

​When it comes to new pets, there are small things you can do at home to help prepare them for veterinary visits in the future. 
  1. Handle and play with their paws when spending time together. Your puppy likely won’t even notice that he is undergoing desensitization training. This small practice can help make future nail trims a breeze!
  2. Ears are checked during every physical exam for signs of pain, irritation, infection and parasites. Regularly petting your pets’ ears will help make future veterinary exams more comfortable for your pet. If your pet has long or droopy ears, flip them up a few times a week.
  3. Good dental hygiene can’t start too early! Help your pet adjust to routine dental checks and teeth brushing by introducing toothbrushes early. Letting them chew on and play with their toothbrush will help make dental care fun. Occasionally, flip up their lip and look at their teeth. This small practice will help make their veterinary visits less stressful and help you identify changes in their dental health.

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