Gastropexy Procedures

For breeds or individuals at risk of developing GDV, a veterinarian may recommend a preventive gastropexy. Gastropexy is a procedure in which a portion of the stomach is sutured to the abdominal wall, to prevent it from twisting. The surgery can be performed at the same time as spay/neuter and can be conducted laparoscopically (which

DIY Pet Treats in Schertz, Texas

The team here at Friendship Pet Hospital and Wellness Center in Schertz, Texas tried out a DIY Fall Dog Treat recipe. These treats are a fun and safe way to include your pets in your holiday traditions. This recipe was taste tested and approved by the our employee pets – Caldwell, Yuske and Pistol Pete. When

Presurgical Visits

This handsome boy is here for a very important visit – his presurgical appointment before his neuter surgery. This is an important visit because it allows our team to review your pet’s medical history, current health and genetic risks. With this information, we can create a surgical plan unique to your pet. Dobermans are

Tech Tip | Stop the Scratch

Does your dog constantly lick, scratch, rub, and bite the same areas over and over again? These could be signs of atopic or allergic dermatitis, which are chronic skin conditions associated with allergies. These conditions are very similar to eczema and can cause your dog’s skin to become red and inflamed. It’s important to seek

Heat Safety Season is Here!

Heat stroke or exhaustion can happen quickly and sometimes when we aren’t expecting it. Heat stress can occur on overcast days as well as sunny days, especially when the humidity is a factor. Watch your pet closely during all outdoor activities over the next few months. Heat stroke is an emergency situation. If you start

Tech Tip | Finish the series

Puppy care can feel a little overwhelming. Don’t worry, they need the most early on and their wellness needs will start to taper off as they reach adulthood. It is important to remember that your puppy is not fully protected until they have completed the series recommended by your veterinarian. Until they are fully vaccinated,