Heartworm Protection for Pets Living in Schertz, Texas

As we enter the cooler months in our community, it’s important to stay current on heartworm prevention. Here in Schertz, Texas we experience a few short months of mosquito relief. It can be tempting during this time to cut back on or stop giving your pet’s prevention. Unfortunately, skipping doses now can undo the work you have done all year keeping your pet protected.

Missed doses now puts your pet at risk in two ways. While we do enjoy time in the winter with less mosquitoes, the number of mosquitoes in Schertz is never zero. Mosquitoes come and go as quickly as our Texas weather changes. Remember, it only takes 1 bite to infect your pet. Additionally, monthly prevention really works more like heartworm treatment than prevention. The medication that we prescribe your pet works to kill any baby heartworms that have recently infected your pet. Skipping doses allows the heartworms to grow too large for the medication to be effective. At Friendship Pet Hospital and Wellness Center, our veterinarians recommend two choices in heartworm prevention for pets living in Schertz and San Antonio. We offer a monthly chewable or, to make things easier, a single injection that protects your pet for 12 months!  For our feline friends, there is also a topical option available.If you have questions about your pet’s protection, simply give us a call. We can talk you through your pet’s last heartworm test and any prevention we have prescribed. If you’re new to us or new to heartworm prevention – no worries! It’s quick and easy to find out if your pet already has heartworms and to get your pet started on prevention.

We are here for you are your pets!
Michelle Popilek
​Practice Manager